Sunday, 23 September 2012

YouTube Recommendation - Tricot - 'G. N. S'

(courtesy of YouTube user tricot0901)

Short note: I was originally going to write about this band in the first 'Foundcloud', but - by some evil coincidence* - I noticed that the track had been taken off of Soundcloud just after I'd finished writing the post. Anyway, I like this band a lot from what I've heard and so thought I'd write about them in this section instead.

And on we go...

Throughout much of this year, I’ve found myself enjoying a lot of music coming out of Japan. Most of that stuff was more in the field of electronic music, or ‘dream-pop’, with a lot of the great stuff coming out on Flau Records like Neon Cloud and Cuushe. Kyoto’s Tricot, however, are a very different beast – sounding as they do dramatic, kinetic and ‘mathy’ in a way that’s more akin to the likes of The Dismemberment Plan and Joan of Arc.

Opening confidently with a burst of angular, fast-paced instrumentation, G. N. S. is probably my favourite out of the tracks that I've heard by Tricot; and, like on the others, vocalist Ikkyu Nakajima sings in a way that fits perfectly with, and brilliantly emphasises, the drama and energy that is produced by the sound of the other band members going berserk in a way that sounds complex yet effortless. This music video for the track is a brilliant visual interpretation of the band's music, as the band's staccato guitar work and rhythmic energy are translated visually into quick edits and impressive visual techniques. Highly recommended!
* or highly calculated conspiracy, depending on how much of a Thomas Pynchon protagonist you are.

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