Sunday, 23 September 2012

YouTube Recommendation: Pan American live footage

(Live at Transmission V, 16-04-12 -- courtesy of YouTube user, katcollageart)

Can't go wrong with some live footage of Pan American!

In classic Mark Nelson-style, it's a very minimal performance -- simply effects-laden guitar work, accompanied by some slow, brushed drums and some additional tinkering on a laptop. But - again in classic Mark Nelson-style - less is definitely more, and we're left with a perfect example of the sort of ambient music Nelson has been perfecting since his days in pioneering post-rock outfit Labradford: where it's ambient enough to create a nocturnal atmosphere to lose yourself in, but not so ambient that it's simply sonic wallpaper.

Now, if anyone's got any live footage of Labradford kicking about... please, fix me with that content*.

* killer Labradford joke there. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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