Monday, 25 March 2013

Not Foundcloud, But Something I Found On Soundcloud

I've been relatively more busy than usual recently, though I do plan to get another Foundcloud out by the end of the month (or if not then, then very likely early next month -- unless BioShock Infinite ends up taking over my life, which is VERY possible).

Anyway, here's something that came across in the Soundcloud feed that I was rather excited about...

The first taste of the upcoming new album from Pan American (Cloud Room, Glass Room: to be released on Kranky next month).

In all honesty, 'Project for an Apartment Building' is no great leap for Pan American... within the first minute, we hear the crackling static, the dub bassline, the clattering rhythms, the looping synthesizer sequence: these have been hallmarks of Mark Nelson's distinctive sound since early releases like 360 Business / 360 Bypass 13 years ago. And as more sounds are introduced -- further rhythmic elements, ambient washes, the buzzing and whirring of a dreamily processed guitar -- it's clarification that this is Pan American, doing what he does best and, I should definitely add, doing it as brilliantly as ever: crafting a soundscape full of atmosphere, beautiful textural touches and character.

Certainly an album I'm looking forward to, then (especially given the reported presence of former Labradford member Bobby Donne), but this will be more than enough for now to get my fix of Mark Nelson's brand of understated yet dense ambience.

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