Monday, 8 April 2013

Foundcloud #6

After not releasing a Foundcloud in March (though maybe the Pan.American post kind of counts), here's another couple of tracks from the 'Like' folder...

PLVS VLTRA - 'Rocks in Sun I'

This track is from PLVS VLTRA, the electronic solo project of Toko Yasuda -- probably better known for her work with the likes of St. Vincent, Blonde Redhead, and the Van Pelt.

'Rocks in Sun I' obviously differs from the work of those aforementioned projects: while the influence of electronic music is evident in the work of St. Vincent and Blonde Redhead, here the focus is entirely onto electronics -- as the sound-bending capabilities of the sampler are utilised to great effect.

The track admittedly doesn't go through any great changes in its 4 minutes, but where it stays - as its echoing 4/4 beat and vintage-sounding synth bass pulse through a hypnotic, sonically dense swirling collage of processed piano and vocal samples (which, I should add, at a number of points, I also found reminiscent of the dreamier and more electronically-influenced instrumental parts of St. Vincent's incredible 2009 album Actor) - is undoubtedly a nice place to be.

I should also, while I'm recommending this, urge you to listen to another track on her page - 'Sitcat (yo-yo blue)' - because it's just SO MUCH FUN.

Pinkunoizu - 'Tin Can Valley'

Speaking of fun, one of my favourite aspects of Copenhagen-based experimental rock band Pinkunoizu was how much fun their releases to date (the EP Peep and 2012 debut album Free Time!) have been to listen to, laden as they are with genre-smashing eclecticism, playful experimentation and an energy that they've shown a talent for successfully translating onto record.

This new single 'Tin Can Valley' (from an upcoming EP Second Amendment, out next month on Full Time Hobby) is no exception to that rule. On the track we can hear a band who just sound like they're enjoying every aspect of what they're doing, while unleashing the kind of exciting, noisy, sprawling music that wouldn't sound too out of place coming from Sonic Youth circa-Daydream Nation.

* * *

While I'm here, I'm also going to mention a Soundcloud playlist originating from the Drowned in Sound forums:

As well as including my track 'Lake', it also features 14 other great tracks that show how much interesting stuff can go on in a single minute.

Happy listening!
(not to be a regular sign-off, it just seems weirdly appropriate right here)

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